Takdasht Co. has been founded in 1996 as a scientific based company for trading pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food industries raw materials. The company’s main area of activities are including excipients, APIs, vitamins and amino acids as well as herbal extracts and essential oils.

The related in-depth technical supports, technical services and formulationsIRC registrationandtech transfer has been recently transferred to our other company named Amo Pharmed Aria (Private Sector Company) where a production unit has been planned to be established in near future.

Progressed from a small office, currently the company is operating in a private estate office of 300 m2 and having a warehouse audited and certified by Iranian Ministry Of Health and also an in-house laboratory. A total of 20 expert employees are working together in the company who are mostly holdingPhD and master degreein pharmacy and chemistry.

Years of activity with truthfulness and following codes of ethics which can guarantee quality in such vital sectors and success in coming up with well working solutions for pharmaceutical industry of Iran have promoted our company as one of the major sources of raw materials in the related industries in Iran. Combination of proven business strategiesand supporting the clients with solid technical services resulted in a very good fame as a trustworthy company for Takdasht Co. in the both market and Ministry Of Health.

Recently we are representing various Chinese and Indian companies and few European companies in Iran based on the exclusive representativeness policy. Their product shave been registered by our company in the Iranian “Ministry Of Health” (MOH) in the shortest possible time and with proper marketing methods we have penetrated their products in different sections of the market. We are offering quality warranty to our customers for our products and also providing related technical supports in case of customers request.

Takdasht Co. is working with manufacturing companies with crystal clear relation and information share to always maintain the win-win situation with them. Our marketing and sales teams will support the mutual market with valuable information about the market condition and the connected statistics. Having very good relation and clean operation for several yearswith MOH always keep a brilliant profile of our partners (in the MOH)to insure the supply chain secure and smooth.

Current prospects of activity and future plans:

During more than 20 years of its activity Takdasht Co. endeavors have been focused in distribution, research and development of hi tech products with more benefits and less side effects for both humans and animals health.

As our future objectives, we are working on completion of our product basket and we are seriously developing new products and new drug delivery systems for starting our production plant for pharmaceutical raw materials and finished products as well as seeking for technology transfer in this sector. 

 Domestic & International Presence:

Takdasht normally has its stand in the domestic and international exhibitions that are considered effective and also have desired profile. This includes presenting and promoting the various suppliers of the company as well as promoting our company’s services. We are also holding some domestic seminars and workshops with inviting well-known Iranian scientists and also support of our suppliers to introduce the latest innovations and improvements in the industry.  


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